Zodiac Signs With Great Horoscopes

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1. Virgo

This week will feel 'freer' than usual because you won't be under the pressure you've been under since the beginning of the year.


There appears to be a change occurring at work, and while you were first concerned that the change would badly impact you, it now appears that you are the lucky one.

2. Sagittarius

You may fall in love this week, Sagittarius, despite the fact that you've been keeping yourself tightly wrapped and unavailable in romantic matters.


Love appears to be stronger than your desire to hide from it, so don't be shocked if you experience anything similar this week.

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Venus in Pisces has a magical effect on you, making you more interested in love and romance and less inclined to abandon everything.

3. Aquarius

This week brings much healing to you. Even if you may not like to accept it, you have often wondered why you have developed some self-destructive habits.


But "such things" are becoming more and more real to you every day, and the pain you've endured is beginning to appear in the form of horrifyingly awful habits.


Aquarius, as you have no one to keep you in check, you rely on your intuition. However, it appears that you cannot even rely on your intuition.

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