Your zodiac sign's relationship style.


They feel they can playfully compete, the fiery sign will feel free to flirt. Dating will be impulsive, thrilling, and exciting with an Aries by your side.


They like long dinners out and cocktails that cost a few dollars too many. All of this makes a Taurus feel pampered. which is especially important at the beginning stages of a relationship.


Geminis want to share their mind with someone ... or as much of it as they can. So, communication is the number one quality they'll look for.


Cancer will start to give the relationship a chance. Be prepared to jump through hoops to prove yourself in winning the heart of a Cancer.


They want their partner to be confident enough to step back and let them shine. Think of yourself as a greenhouse, and Leo is the sun — just soak up the good vibes.



On a first date, they'll want to have in-depth conversations about the world and their lives, setting the tone for a lifetime of similar chats.


Libra seeks out someone who shares similar interests and aesthetic tastes. The relationship should feel good and look good, too. 


The best way to win a Scorpio over in the early stages is to be honest and direct with your intentions. Drop any artifice. The more you give, the deeper your bond will be.


Sagittarius is always seeking out life's magical and unexpected corners, and is looking for a partner in that pursuit. 


Capricorn is always on the lookout for a long term S.O. But sea-goat can be selective, because they take the act of dating seriously. 


 Aquarians are sociable and conscientious, you'll feel safe under their wing. They'll want to spend a substantial amount of time together to make sure this isn't just a fizzy.


When you're getting coffee or at a bar with a Pisces, know that they're paying less attention to what you say, and more to how you say it. The feeling underneath is the most important part.

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