Your Zodiac Birthday Cake Type

Aries -Black lava cake

What could be better than a chocolate cake with a luscious, gooey chocolate stream?

Taurus- Layer cake

Layer cakes are gorgeous and carefully created.

Gemini - Ice cream cake

Ice cream cake makes everything a party—just like you, Gemini!

Cancer - Petits fours

When guests arrive to tea, you may split these small cakes or eat them alone.

Leo - Red Velvet cake

It's Leo's ideal cake since it's flashy.


Virgo -Cupcakes

Cupcakes are tasty and self-contained. I think Virgo.

Libra - Pineapple upside-down cake

This traditional cake helps everyone feel welcome. It's Libra.

Scorpio - Devil's Food cake

Scorpios require a luxurious, rich, and exquisite dessert like Devil's food cake.

Sagittarius- Carrot cake

Carrot cake lets you think you're eating healthy. Sagittarius-like philosophical thought.

Capricorn- Bundt cake

Bundt cake is often mocked, yet it's delicious, moist, and flavorful. Dependable doesn't mean bad.

Aquarius- Black Forrest cake

This cake, like Aquarius, is different and startling yet nonetheless pleases a crowd.

Pisces- Rainbow cake

It's imaginative, vibrant, and wonderful—Pisces.

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