Weekly Horoscope for Your Best Life

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This week will have significant power plays for you, Aries. When Venus enters Aries you may see an increase in your sociability.

Regardless of your current relationship state, now is an excellent moment to embrace your seductive side.


The eclipse season is a significant time for you, Taurus. Currently, the universe is urging you to make significant life adjustments.

When Venus enters Aries some of your closest connections may unexpectedly terminate.

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With Mercury Retrograde occurring in your sign you have a lot to look forward to this month.

Spend the first week of  on self-care and avoiding unnecessary conflict.


Prepare for significant changes this month, Leo. After several weeks of rest and relaxation, your life will accelerate to the speed of light.

And despite the fact that the cosmos is urging you to assume greater responsibility, don't forget to embrace your fun side.


The spotlight recently has been on your romantic life, Virgo, and you can expect this to continue for the next few weeks.


Salute your new self, Libra. The last few months have been spent learning how to prioritise your wants and necessities.

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