Top Dog-Friendly Destinations

Dog owners know how satisfying it is to take their dogs on a good excursion to burn off energy. 

All communities have dog parks. This is a terrific area for your dog to socialize. Dog parks foster some of the finest human connections.

Dog Parks


A dog-friendly beach is the finest day ever for a swimmer. If you've never swum with your dog, try it! Several public beaches include dog-friendly zones.

 Most cities provide routes for all canines, even those who can't climb mountains or trek great distances.



This adventure requires only a tennis ball, and after numerous dashes to get it, your dog will be exhausted.


The AKC-described courageous, loyal, and alert Doberman pinscher was produced by a German tax collector who had time and desire to breed the ultimate canine protector.

On-Leash Areas

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