Top 10 Dog Phobias

Fear of Thunder

During a typhoon, a dog may tremble, have flattened ears, wide eyes, and a curled tail. Other dogs may hide, destroy, lose control of their bowels or bladder due to a more acute fear.

Fear of Fireworks

Dogs often fear flames. Fireworks, like hurricanes, scare many pets. This fear can make a pup run away and get lost.

Fear of Being Left Alone

Separation anxiety is fear of being home alone. When their humans leave, separation-anxious dogs act out. Barking and housebreaking when alone are other signs.

Fear of the breeder

Dogs often fear vets. Dogs' first vet visits usually involve unusual scents, new handling, restraint, and vaccinations.


Some pets are car-shy. Lack of early car trips causes this fear. After car sickness, being left at a refuge, or just going to the vet, it may occur. 

Fear of Riding in car

Fear of Going Up and Down Stairs

If a baby isn't exposed to stairs, he may fear them as an adult. Make climbing stairs a game for some pets to conquer this fear. Some pets need to learn step-by-step. 

Fear of Men

Dogs often fear man. 5 Man-abuse can cause this fear. Lack of interaction is usually the cause. Dogs unfamiliar with men may fear their louder tones, bigger forms, and facial hair.

Fear of Strangers

Dogs may fear outsiders. It's hard to train your dog to accept everyone. Allow your pup time to meet new folks. Forcefully accepting a stranger could make a scared dog hostile.

Fear of Children

Dogs fear toddlers for many reasons. Lack of early kid contact is usually the cause. Pre-parents often get pets. Your pet may never meet children unless you adopt one. 

Fear of Specific Objects

Some dogs fear the vacuum machine, festive decorations, children's toys, building tools, and more. Many items can be hidden, so this sort of fear is rarely a problem.

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