Cat Lovers' Top 12 Breeds


This Thai-bred cat has been popular since the 19th century. Oriental shorthairs, sphynxes, and Himalayans are descended from Siamese. Siamese cats have "points" on their faces, ears.


 They are flat-faced and can be any colour. For decades, Persians have been a famous cat breed in movies, artwork, and advertising. Matted fur require regular cleaning. 

Maine Coon

Maine coons are big cats with dense fur. The Maine coon, the state cat, is a docile beast. The late 1970s CFA recognition made them famous hunts. They're beloved cats. 


 They collapse like rag dolls. Ragdolls resemble pointed-colored Siamese cats with long fur. Blue-eyed and dog-like, they follow their owners around the home.



They are tamed despite their jungle-like patterns. They're active. They have dots and rosettes in many colours. Prionailurus bengalensis, is their formal name. Bengals originated from tame cat. 


The banded Abyssinian cat comes from Ethiopia and has a red agouti coat. Abys are alert, active cats that pursue people. Their lively, dog-like behaviour charms humans.Breed Overview


Birmans, like Siamese and ragdolls. Their main difference from Persians and Himalayans is their blue eyes and medium-long hair without an undercoat. 

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental shorthairs are not Siamese, despite their lithe appearance. They have many colours and green eyes. Cats wear jackets because they are prone to skin tumours and cold.


Sphynx cats don't shed. Sphynx cats are dog-like, social, and furless. Despite their noble looks, they are silly and act like court jesters.

Devon Rex

Devon rex cats have short, wavy fur and large ears. Devon Rex cats are "monkeys in catsuits." This sweet, active cat will win your heart. They also learn skills easily.


Some cat groups regard Himalayan cats a sub-breed and others a breed. Himalayans' colour points came from Persian-Siamese breeding. They are sweet and love attention from their humans.

American Shorthair

The round-faced, short-eared American shorthair cat. But they're real. Domestic shorthair was changed in 1966.

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