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This Zodiac Sign Has the Worst Luck



Since they're not lucky, Aries' tremendous energy typically puts them in leadership roles.

In fact, they can be impetuous and reckless. This Mars-ruled fire sign doesn't take life's twists and turns easily.


Libras represents fairness and justice. These air signs don't necessarily feel unfortunate in their personal life.


Their oversensitivity frequently sees commonplace occurrences as unlucky.

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Scorpios are powerful and have endured many difficult times without luck.


Capricorns are ambitious, diligent, and dedicated to their goals. They know their limits, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Although they might aspire to materialise and achieve large things, they're getting there by their own volition, no luck about it.


Mercury, which opposes the auspicious planets, rules Gemini. "Mercury-ruled signs don't get lucky.


The unluckiest sign is Pisces. They're sensitive, but they love romantic comedies.

Being down on their luck is likely for this water sign, who needs drama and a good weep.

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