Zodiac Signs Think Too Much

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Gemini is the information-ruling zodiac sign, thus these quick-witted air signs have a tendency to overthink.

As a Gemini, it's easy to get lost in a sea of knowledge, which can be overpowering and hinder progress.


The only non-air sign is Virgo. Mercury, the cerebral planet, rules these earth babies, so they focus on every detail.

Virgos are the most ordered sign, and their attention to detail makes them overthink. If you're a perfectionist Virgo, try journaling or listening to your instincts.

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Libras value balance—sometimes too much! These communication-focused air signs naturally desire peace and justice.

So they often get stuck in the endless cycle of assessing the pros and disadvantages.


Aquarius is the most creative and imaginative sign. Air signs are concept-driven and cognitively focused.

Aquarians prefer to focus on the future, so they shouldn't get caught in a cycle of future-tripping or obsessing.

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