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The Zodiac Signs You Shouldn't Date



Libras thrive in tight relationships but require space. Libras don't like clinginess since it holds them back.

Balance and harmony might lead to passive-aggressive behavior. Libras also don't send mushy good-morning texts.


Aries are used to running everything. They have natural confidence and swagger in relationships.

Aries competes in everything, including dating. They're better at everything. They lavish romantic partners with rich presents.

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Cancers are nurturing and sympathetic. Cancers make their partners comfortable when they fall in love.

They are natural carers and best friends. Cancers are also temperamental and vindictive.


First-time Scorpios are reserved. To understand Scorpios, it takes months or years of trust.

They have a limited yet intense circle of friends. Scorpios' hidden side is rarely shown.


Sagittarius loves to socialise. This makes interpreting their flirting approach tough. Sagittarius values freedom.

If you lose their focus, relationships can cool quickly. Sagittarius will seek new adventures if romance gets stale.

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