The Tensest Zodiac Sign


You know someone who desperately needs a massage—their stress is obvious. These folks can't untwist their jaws and seem to need a day or week to rest. 


Pisces can't control their emotions, but they often hold them in until they break. Though shy, they want to help others.


Cancer's moon-ruled feelings are strong and changeable. They're sensitive to everyone's vibe. They want to help, but sometimes they take on too much.

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Aries' anxiety may be palpable. Leaders with strong personalities who strive for perfection can be exhausting.


Scorpios haul heavy loads. Like Pisces and Cancer, they're ocean signs and feel everything more than most people. Schmidt says they are introverted and gloomy.


Virgos are perfectionists and love helping. Even if they need a pause, don't halt them. Loftis calls Virgo "a curled energy." 


Geminis love to talk and move between groups, but they may be acting more than you think. They mask their tension so well you won't notice. 

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