The Pettiest Zodiac Sign

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1. Leo

Leos has numerous great characteristics and can be exceedingly nice.


This sign, which is ruled by the sun, is also incredibly perceptive. Occasionally, they will not let you forget it.

2. Gemini

While Geminis are not as detail-oriented as other signs, they are also not afraid to say what they truly believe.


Geminis will let you know if they are feeling especially vengeful and "may deliver the sickest burns.

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3. Aries

Aries might occasionally be a touch violent against individuals in their vicinity.


Aries is controlled by Mars, the planet of conflict, they are not strangers to a tasty put-down.

4. Cancer

Cancers are capable of harbouring grudges, which can lead to extremely petty behaviour.

5. Scorpio

A Scorpio's defensiveness might develop into a pattern of hostility and a touch of malice.


This behavior can "come from a drive to belittle the accomplishments of others in order to enhance their own feeling of self.

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