The Most Trustworthy Zodiac Sign

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Sagittarius is on the verge of becoming trustworthy. Their thrill-seeking and adventurous nature makes them highly open-minded.

But their always-on-the-go lifestyle can occasionally cause them to be a touch irresponsible and uninhibited.


If you have mistreated a Virgo, they will likely retain a grudge and, because of their tendency to overanalyze, can become a bit vindictive.

You can count on a Virgo because they are renowned for being thorough, diligent, and organised.

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Scorpios are notoriously elusive, and part of preserving that aura is keeping your secrets to yourself.

Even though they have trust issues, They are excellent for discussing problems, issues, and difficult times.


Capricorn is a sign that dislikes sharing their own feelings, and this extends to what you've confided in them.

Extreme measures would be required to convince them to open up.


Cancers place friends and family ahead of themselves and have a natural tendency to cultivate these relationships.

Their strong emotional intelligence helps them to comprehend the suffering of others to the best of their ability.

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