The Most Gossipy Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius likes to teach. "They occasionally pick up on things that may be circulated as gossip, although this does not occur consistently.


Virgos don't gossip. They only share with trusted people, including family and friends.

They will not pass on personal information until they know the truth, but if Virgos are hurt and cannot face them, they will talk.


Libras are relationship-oriented and enjoy talking about people.

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Air signs care about fairness and will be the first to recognize if someone has mistreated someone else.


Sagittarius loves being the life of the party and is admired. "They don't realise they're gossiping.

They like gossiping but leap to conclusions without all the facts.


Scorpios are also the best advisors, therefore they will give you the best counsel if they are your actual buddy and know everything about you.

They can be "researchers and stokers" since they are so curious about others. 

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