The Most Glamorous Zodiac Sign

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Scorpios can be gorgeous and secretive. "Their enigmatic allure is naturally enticing.


Sagittarians are passionate, adventurous, and fun-loving. That's why fire signs live glamorously.

They love to party, travel, and make everything an event worth dressing up for.


Neptune, the mysterious planet of illusions, rules Pisces. Therefore these lovely water signs are naturally glamorous.

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Libras, ruled by Venus, know how to look their best. "They have a good eye for anything aesthetically-pleasing.

Libras are glamorous, but d'Olive says they display it differently than Leos.


Taurus, another Venus-ruled sign, likes glamour. "Sensual earth signs have inherently expensive taste and adore the highest-quality things.

They're most comfortable with rich desserts, smooth fabrics, and fresh flowers.


Leos are the only zodiac sign dominated by the sun. "They prefer to seize the stage with their flashy flair.

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