The Most Aggressive Zodiac Sign

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Easily angered and seeking the limelight, Leo is a sign that can quickly boil over.

Leos are not the kind to "front an issue head-on," preferring instead to "passively address an issue"


Aquarius is a highly intelligent and quick-witted sign, never reluctant to engage in a debate when necessary.

This independent sign, however, has the potential to be arrogant and think they are superior to everyone else.

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Reincarnation has bestowed Cancers with the capacity for emotion.


A Pisces might be "very sensitive and quick to get offended" if their need for connection isn't met.


Despite their tendency for stubbornness, Taureans are generally peacemakers.

Taurean's love of comfort stems from his or desire for stability. They'd rather stomp around in anger than face the problem head-on.


For a Pisces, feeling their feelings comes far more naturally than expressing them.

When things go rough, they have a penchant for getting away.

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