The Least Jealous Zodiac Sign

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Either they are exceedingly jealous, touchy, and sensitive, or they are incredibly selfless and merciful.

A well-developed Pisces believes the world is their large family, not friends and foes.


This sign thinks, not feels. Their jealousy is mild. "They are not jealous, and you can talk about anything with them.


Sometimes jealous, this sign can control it. Flirting with someone else will challenge this adorable lion's unshakeable loyalty, but unlike other signs.

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Ruled by the luminary Sun, Leo realises that their light is never fully veiled by others.


Jealousy rarely drives this indication. "A confident and healed Cancer loves to see their friends and family succeed.

Their kind, empathetic, and nurturing character makes this crab the biggest zodiac cheerleader.


The concept of jealousy is unfamiliar to Saggies. Sagittarians, fueled by ambition, can't help but take pleasure in the accomplishments of others.

While other zodiac signs roll their eyes and term it 'lucky,' Sagittarius recognizes your effort and finds it motivating.

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