The Best Weight Loss Drinks

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1. Green Tea

Green tea may help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism and promoting fat loss.

2. Coffee

Coffee may help you lose weight by improving metabolism, reducing calories, and burning fat.

3. Black Tea

Polyphenols in black tea lower body weight. Black tea has been shown to lower body fat and promote weight reduction.

4. Water

Drinking more water can help burn calories and reduce calorie consumption during meals, leading to weight reduction.

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5. Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar may help you lose weight, but further study is needed.

6. Ginger Tea

Ginger increases metabolism, reduces hunger, and promotes fullness, which helps weight loss.

7. High-Protein Drinks

Protein drinks curb hunger. Add protein powder to any drink for a fast snack or lunch.

8. Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice may aid weight reduction in a balanced diet, but full veggies are better.

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