Ten Bad Dog Habits

Singing along to music

By the sixth performance of "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window," it's more annoying than a barking neighbor's dog.

Rolling around in something stinky

Despite your screams, your dog is already poopy. Dogs rolling about in something nasty is a headache to clean up, whether they do it out of instinct or enjoyment.

Giving the "sad puppy eyes" to get treats

Our dogs can manipulate our emotions. Once we say "last one," they always manage to grab another reward.


Dogs can be extremely excitable, especially during humping. When your pet gets too close to their favorite thing—a cushion, leg, or even another dog—awkward.


Refusing to come when called

Even well-trained dogs may be obstinate. They ignore at the worst times.

Sneaking onto the furniture

The "no dogs on the couch" dog parents get this one. They'll attempt it anyhow.

Begging for attention

Dogs will do anything for attention. They're experts at begging, whether it's pawing at your face, pushing your hand, or just looking at you with large, eager eyes.

Licking everything

Dogs love to lick—not only their owners' faces. Dogs will lick anything, including themselves, other dogs, and inanimate items.

Stealing the spot on the couch

The couch—the throne of rest and pleasure. Sadly, pets may transform the couch into a war zone.

Snatching socks and hiding them

Dogs appear to want soft, chewy socks from the laundry pile, bedroom floor, or even off your feet.

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