Take relationship advice from the stars.

Take relationship advice from the stars.

Take relationship advice from the stars.

Take relationship advice from the stars.

Finding love might feel like mastering an impossible formula. Finding the proper match requires numerous factors.


Neptune says Aries want those who let them lead. Leo likes Aires' directness. Both signs are energetic and driven.


Venus rules Taurus and Libra, which strengthens their bond. Taurus and Virgo are "earth sign critical," Neptune quips, so they can easily relate.

Gemini pairs well. Neptune says they like "parrot-like" friends. Geminis think alike and are naturally curious.


Sun and moon control Leo and Cancer. Neptune calls them "essential to the storyline" of everyone's movie, even if they're opposites.


Cancer is highly in touch with their emotions, and Leo is very in touch with their identity; thus, they complement each other nicely.


 Neptune believes they can plan parties because they are charitable and skilled at acquiring resources.


Neptune calls Taurus and Scorpio the most serene sister signs. Once comfy, they're stubborn and alike.


Sagittarius and Aquarius pair nicely too. Aquarius raises philosophical questions, and Sagittarius takes big action.


Both signals understand time and building. Libra seems uncertain, but Capricorn respects their patience. 


Aquarius and Cancer want to converse about the world with others. Cancer can also open Aquarius.


Pisces and Gemini are also compatible. Neptune says Pisces have problems speaking, while Gemini energy creates and learns languages.


Take relationship advice from the stars.

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