Suggestions for Cat Health

Cats are curious and agile. Because of this, many people find felines' independence amusing and like spending time with them.

Regular Veterinary Visits

A pet's nutrition is crucial to its preventative care. Cats need proper food everyday.

Cats neglect oral hygiene. Yet, cat dental care is crucial. Most cats over three have dental problems.

Oral Hygiene

Quality Cat Food

Cats adore chasing lasers, which helps them exercise and satisfy their hunting instincts. 


Many cats don't drink enough without prodding. Canned foods, cat water fountains, dripping faucets, and adding water to dry cat food encourage water intake.

Water Consumption is Important, Too!

Indoor Versus Outdoor Cats

The typical lifetime of a pet cat depends on whether it lives indoors or outside unattended.


Lean and fit cats live longer. Diabetes, heart disease, skin disease, respiratory problems, and more can affect overweight cats.

Provide Environmental Enrichment for Your Cat

Cats—especially indoor cats—need environmental stimulation. Though safer, indoor cats might get bored.

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