Astrology Placements Show Strong, Magnetic Individuals

Success and power require every little bit. especially the following astrological positions.

Pluto trine Jupiter

Pluto-Jupiter trine aspects in natal charts indicate success.This is common in rich families. 

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio gives locals passion and inventiveness. Your magnetism is latent.
This position also enhances beauty. But not traditionally. Attractiveness is sensed more than seen.

Sun conjunct Mercury

Sun-Mercury conjuncts indicate a powerful mind that learns quickly. It's like a super-powered Gemini Sun without the distractions.

Mercury in Gemini or Aquarius

If Mercury is in Gemini or Aquarius, you may talk to anybody about anything and make fast relationships.

Moon trine Venus

Easy astrological placement. It makes it easier to interact with individuals, whether romantically or platonically.

Neptune in Cancer

Cancer Neptunes are empaths and intuitives. They unknowingly read energy.Natives cannot be deceived. 


Pallas in Capricorn

Pallas in Capricorn makes you a great strategist. Because of your leadership and concentration, people turn to you in emergencies.

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