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This cat breed, popular since the nineteenth century, originated in Thailand (formerly known as Siam).


Beautiful, long fur coats distinguish Persians, affectionately known as one of the "smushed-face" cats, the Iranian cat, and the Shiraz cat.

Maine Coon

The Maine coon is a difficult-to-ignore cat due to its imposing size and dense fur coat.


The placid disposition of Ragdoll cats inspired their moniker. They have a tendency to collapse when lifted up, similar to a rag doll.

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Bengals are literally wild-looking cats. Despite the fact that their markings make them appear more at home in the jungle than in your home.


Abyssinian cat has a characteristic ruddy agouti coat that gives it a distinctive banded appearance.


The Birman is a color-pointed cat similar to the Siamese and ragdoll. They have blue eyes and a medium-length coat.

Oriental Shorthair

This slender cat may appear to be a Siamese at first glance, but the Oriental shorthair is a distinct breed.


If you're seeking a non-shedding cat, the Sphynx is for you. Sphynx cats have a distinctive appearance due to their lack of fur.

Devon Rex

Devon rex cats have short, wavy, silky fur, slim bodies, and large ears. As "a monkey in a catsuit," the Devon Rex is a playful, active cat.

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