Most Hated Zodiac Sign

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Geminis are believed to be deceitful and unreliable. As a mutable sign controlled by Mercury (the planet of communication).


As a sign ruled by Mars, the planet of anger, Scorpio is frequently viewed as untrustworthy and even combative.


Because of their drama and attitude, Leos are disliked. Leos, who are ruled by the sun, is vivacious and may feel as though the world should revolve around them.


The occasionally judgmental nature of Virgos excludes others. Virgo, who rules the sixth house of service, enjoys "healing" others, initiating new projects.

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People believe that Aries is jealous and aggressive. The youngest sign on the zodiac, Aries' immaturity can be irritating.


Taurus is generally viewed as being excessively inflexible and dull. As a sign of the Earth, Taurus is all about pragmatism and practicality.


Libras can be perceived as superficial and indecisive. Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, adores gorgeous individuals and status symbols.


People believe that Capricorn is too serious and cynical. Capricorn is sometimes referred to as "the workaholic of the zodiac" since it is governed by Saturn.


Aquarius is confused and occasionally even hypocritical. Aquarius is difficult to understand and is frequently compared to aliens.


Pisces has difficulty minding its own business. Pisces, a water sign co-ruled by Jupiter's higher sense of purpose, is highly empathetic.


Sagittarius is continuously in flux. As a fire sign that is mutable, Sagittarius is exceedingly passionate. However, their interests fluctuate rapidly.

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