Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

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Ragdoll cats are friendly, low-maintenance pets. Ragdolls follow their owners throughout the house, meet them after a long day, and play fetch.

Scottish Fold

The breed developed a trait that folded its ears forward naturally. Cat lovers liked their unusual appearance, so breeders started breeding them for their folds.


Sphynx cats need heat as they have no fur. Sphynxes adore human interaction and warmth. These kitties get what they need as their humans become cosy.

Maine Coon

American Maine coons Cats travelling with Viking explorers may have started them. Though improbable, some believe these enormous kittens are raccoon-cat hybrids.

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Persian cats are popular throughout North America. They have calm, friendly temperaments and lovely, flowing coats.


If you get a Siamese cat, expect long chats. Social breed. Siamese cats have pale blue eyes and a mask.


Their sleek black coat and striking copper eyes set them apart from other breeds. A smart, cute, and affectionate Bombay will captivate you.


Breeders sought a loving, intelligent, and quieter cat than the Siamese. Crossing Siamese and Burmese breeds produced the Tonkinese.

American Shorthair

American housecats are usually American shorthairs. Their loving nature and colorful coats make them popular pets in North America.


Beautiful Birman kitties. Birmans are elegant with piercing blue eyes and beautiful silken coats. Like the American shorthair, it likes people and adapts to any home.

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