Love Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

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Taurus energy governs what and who you value. This week, focus on this to connect with yourself and your partner.


The Last Quarter Moon in your zodiac sign this week is about what you're still holding onto that's hurting your romantic connection.


The First Quarter Moon in Taurus illuminates your subconscious. Mars has become direct in your zodiac sign, making your thoughts more hostile.


Venus, the planet of love, ignites all your luck in Pisces, the sign of love. Cancer, love luck is great right now.

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Venus, the planet of love, enters Pisces this week, boosting your intimacy sector. Intimacy—emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual—is ruled by Pisces.


Venus is returning, Pisces, your polarising sign, should improve this area of your life. Love is about the feeling, not the specifics.


Jupiter in Aries and the Sun in Aquarius activate your joy and marriage sector. This is vital to building the relationship you've been working on.


Releasing the past—whether it's a prior relationship or a difficult time in a current one—makes room for the future.


Venus activates your home and family in Pisces. This should make home life more lovely and peaceful or urge you to move in with a partner.


Jupiter in Aries and the Sun in Aquarius activate home values. This may be the wake-up call you need if you've been struggling.


Your home and family sector hosts the Taurus First Quarter Moon. This will urge you to release your expectations in this area to make place for joy.


Venus in Pisces brings harmony. Venus—the planet of love—is you. Venus in Pisces makes you glow.

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