How Zodiac Signs Argue

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Aries love competition, and you'll do anything to win. An enraged Aries won't back down.

Even when you're wrong, it's hard to change your mind when you're angry. After a fight, you forgive and forget.


Your consistency and practicality make you convincing in an argument. 

Tauruses, earth signs, are known for their stubbornness. When Taurus fights, you stick to the facts.

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A cordial debate is more likely than an argument. But, Gemini will rapidly defeat their opponent with their cutting remarks and wit.

You're not scared to call someone out because Mercury rules communication. Arguing makes it hard for others to predict your behaviour.


Cancers, the zodiac's nurturers, are sweet and sympathetic. If possible, you avoid conflict and don't like to argue.

Cancers are brutal in arguments because the Moon rules their emotions. Even if you're kind, you utilise your emotions to manipulate others.


You're a fiery Leo. You speak your opinion and wear your heart on your sleeve. Conflict doesn't bother Leo, a fire sign.

You're confident in your beliefs and won't waste time convincing others. Nonetheless, your inflexibility might be infuriating.

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