How to Exercise Your Cat

Everyone needs to exercise. Cats need exercise. Hunting can help lose weight and burn energy. Playing helps prevent sadness and boredom, which can lead to health and behavior problems.


Filling kitty's toy box is cheap. Think like a cat and utilize toys that stimulate his hunting instincts.

Get Out the Laser Pointer

Cats adore chasing lasers, which helps them exercise and satisfy their hunting instincts. 

Trees or towers

Every cat owner needs a multi-level cat tree or tower. When they climb it or sharpen their claws, they stretch, scratch, and climb.


Place your pet's dinner in a dish and follow her around the house. Give her tiny nibbles sometimes.

Turn mealtime into a workout session

Play Hide and Seek

Like toddlers, cats like household toys. Cats love paper bags and tissue paper (simply cut the handles off the bag so your cat doesn't get his head tangled in them). 

Take a Walk on a Leash

Not just your dog enjoys walks. Leash-walking cats are possible. Your cat can explore the outside without becoming lost, assaulted, or injured by an automobile.

Consider “at-home” kitty agility training

A cat-friendly obstacle course with hurdles, tunnels, hoops, and poles is run by cats.

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