Easy and Fun Dog Tricks

Give Kiss

The easiest pup trick is kissing. Kids love this pup prank, but not everyone does.Put a treat on your face and add the order to get your dog's love on demand!


Dog speech training is fun and solves a common behaviour issue. Dog teachers suggest the "speak" and "quiet" cues to stop excessive howling.

Back Up

Your dog can back up on order to keep it from running out the door, jostling you at the fridge, or entertaining your friends.

Shake Paws

Have your pup shake hands with pals. (or paws, as the case may be). Dogs can learn this trick in a few brief lessons. Most dogs enjoy using their feet and getting praise for this feat.



Waving hello and goodbye is a fun and easy pup skill. Shake feet first. Train your pup to wave by shaking it. This adorable ploy will draw notice.


Holding a gift near your dog's nose will make it turn. Teach your pup to turn in one way to make this dog trick harder. Showing off your dog's left-right recognition will impress your peers.


What's cuter than your pup begging for treats on its back legs? With care, your pup will beg sitting up in no time.

Roll Over

Most people teach a pup to turn over gradually. This dog trick is worth the work to teach. It's fun and builds other dog skills like acting dead.

Play Dead

When you say bang and your pup plays dead, your peers will be amazed. If you've taught your pup to roll over, training it to act dead isn't as hard as it looks.

Take a Bow

Your pup can take a bow by lowering its torso and raising its rear end. Bowing is a normal dog behaviour that can be taught.

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