Commands for Dog Training


Keeping a dog's focus is crucial to training. Teach your pup the look or watch me order to keep him focused on you regardless of diversions. This cue helps teach your pup other orders.

Emergency Recall

Your pup will always respond to the emergency return. When your pup is about to run in front of a car, it's used. Dogs can be saved by emergency response training.

The come order, or return, can reduce stress. It can be used to call your dog if it gets loose, to come in from the yard, or to play or bond. 


With Me

With me is a leash-pulling-prevention order for dogs. Your pup is walking calmly with you. A slack lead makes walking your dog fun and more likely to get it out for exercise and socialisation.


This order can keep it from eating toxic things or chewing your favourite shoes. When you see something your pup might like, use this cue.

Leave It

Drop It

Drop it, like leave it, can prevent your pup from consuming harmful substances. If you catch it, this order can prevent it from eating your belongings.


Dogs learn to sit first. Though simple, it can help manage annoying behaviours. Dogs can't sit and leap. Sitting your pup helps avoid jumping.

Lie Down

It doesn't allow certain behaviours. Lying dogs can't leap up and surf tables. You can solve several behaviour issues by training it to lay down.


It can prevent your pup from running into peril or keep it out of your way. If your pup can follow commands, you can control its behaviour in public and private.


Dogs cannot escape walls, boxes, or cars. Wait tells your dog it can get what it wants if it stays still. This cue is like hold but gives your dog more freedom to wait.

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