Best Cat Breeds for Kids

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1. Abyssinian

Abys, like Abyssinians, are loving, loyal, and get along with kids and other pets. Abyssinians are people-oriented cats that love to explore and play.

2. Cornish Rex

Cats like to play, retrieve balls, and socialize. When agitated, the breed races and does gymnastics.

3. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic cats are kind to other animals. Their gentle nature and uncommon meowing make them wonderful pets for kids.

4. Himalayan Cats

Himalayan cats are affectionate, smart, and lively.Like Siamese cats, Himalayans adore playing fetch and may be delighted for hours.

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5. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are intelligent, lively, and large. The "gentle giants" are one of the biggest domestic cat breeds.

6. Manx Cats

Manx cats are independent yet devoted, loving, and playful like dogs. Manx meows are unusually trills.

7. Ragdoll Cats

The ragdoll, known as a "puppy-cat" due to its dog-like behavior, is one of the biggest and most friendly cat species.

8. Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cats are kind and sociable with humans and other pets. This active breed bonds with one family member.

9. Siamese Cats

This shorthaired, blue-eyed feline is one of the most popular and gregarious. Siamese cats love kids and dogs.

10. Siberian Cats

Siberian cats are friendly and lively, loving children and other pets. Due to its loyalty and friendship, this friendly cat is sometimes called "dog-like."

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