Best-Behaved Dog Breeds You Can Own

Korean Jindo Dog

Jindos need room to run and play. They seldom harm children and are kind.


13-17-pound Jack Russell Terriers need regular exercise. Without exercise, they will get restless and can quickly wreck your house.

Rat Terrier

They're popular with elders and apartment dwellers who desire a loving, low-maintenance dog.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois operate well. When well-cared for, they are gentle.


Miniature Pinscher

Miniature pinschers are little dogs with big personalities. They are protective, loving, and independent despite their size.

Dutch Shepherd

The active Vizsla needs lots of daily activity. They are best for active families that can satisfy their exercise demands.

Cane Corso

They are powerful, quiet, and temperate. Cane corsos obey commands and play well with larger youngsters.

Siberian Husky

These muscular, athletic, and energetic medium-sized canines measure 35-60 pounds.

Australian Shepherd

The most adaptable dog breed. Australian Shepherds excel in competitive dog sports, police work, and mentoring.

Border Collie

Owners sometimes struggle with Border Collie workaholics. This breed needs mental and physical stimulation. 

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