Attracting Any Woman Based On Her Mars Sign

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Hence, a person's Mars sign in their birth chart might show how they handle problems in life  how they make friends and enemies, and what they prefer in bed.

How to attract an Aries Mars woman

Since Mars rules Aries, Martian women are straightforward (unless Mars is in an introverted house or aspected by Saturn in her birth chart). 

How to attract a Taurus Mars woman

These locals are calm. They also like excellent dining. Therefore wonderful presents and a beautiful restaurant or trip will instantly pleasure her.

How to attract a Gemini Mars woman

Mars-in-Gemini women are deceptive. These tribesmen are quick-witted and may use their words to kill.

How to attract a Cancer Mars woman

Safe people attract Mars in Cancer women. They like reliable, emotional, and fascinating people.


How to attract a Leo Mars woman

Be well-dressed and well-respected to wow a Mars in Leo lady. She feels powerful with her spouse and likes being around the best.

How to attract a Virgo Mars woman

Did you keep the door open for them if you stepped through it first, how clean your shoes and clothes are, what scent you are wearing—everything!

How to attract a Libra Mars woman

Mars in Libra women want to reach the top no matter what. She likes etiquette, fashion, speech, and courtship.

How to attract a Scorpio Mars woman

Mars in Scorpio women are drawn to moody, bad-boy types who exude intrigue, danger, and mind-blowing sex.

How to attract a Sagittarius Mars woman

Mars in Sagittarius women are the calmest fire Mars indications. She's honest and ambitious.

How to attract a Capricorn Mars woman

Mars in Capricorn women are pragmatic. She quietly pursues great goals. So take things slowly and don't push her to win her heart.

How to attract an Aquarius Mars woman

Mars-in-Aquarius women are inquiring and open-minded. She's untyped. It's more about a connection and piqueing her interest.

How to attract a Pisces Mars woman

Storytelling attracts Mars in Pisces women. Present her your unique narrative through dialogue and social media. She's romantic.

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