8 Suggestions for Dog or Cat Dental Health

Give the dog a ‘bone’

We prefer rawhide, synthetic, and starch-based dog chew bones since actual bones might splinter and create gastric issues. 

Take a trip to the vet

We recommend frequent dental checkups and cleanings for your dog or cat. Like you, your pet requires dental care twice a year.

You'll become used to your pet's teeth and gums by inspecting them weekly. Broken teeth or red, inflamed gums are simple to spot.

Inspect often

Brush to better health

Brushing his teeth keeps him clean and happy, much like cleaning his fur. Slowly let your pet sniff and taste the toothpaste.


Use cat or dog toothpaste while brushing your pet. Fluorides in human toothpaste are toxic to pets.

Use pet-friendly products

Start young

Puppies and kittens adapt to tooth brushing and inspection faster. Congratulations if you can start cleaning with a young pet! Your elder pet is OK.

Supplement with treats.

Today's popular tartar-control treats shouldn't be used to clean your pet's teeth. They enhance dental routines.

Utilize a well-rounded diet.

To preserve dental and general health, feed your pet a balance of high-quality wet and dry meals and treats.

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