7 Marriage-Friendly 


A happy marriage can result from a partner who activates our luminaries in a trine or sextile.

1. Moon trine Moon

. A magnetic bond can help overcome harsher placements when both parties can seamlessly connect. Moon in synastry reveals many aspects of ourselves and our partner can help us grow.

2. Sun conjunct Moon

This synastry match exposes us to our partners. Because they see us, it's two-way. Similar to Moon trine Moon, the mirror connection promotes mutual growth and unconditional love.

3. Mars trine Venus

Venus symbolizes our values and Mars our drive. We feel closer to a partner whose planets are in our element.

4. Sun in the 7th house

A place where the Sun is unjudged. Sun in the seventh aids communication. It bonds. The Sun person represents the seventh house person's ideal relationship.


5. Moon in the 1st house

First-house natives confide in Moon. They communicate well and improve with time. Marriage requires communication.

6. Venus in the 8th house

They love forever. Venus is brilliant and caring, igniting the native. If the native was injured, this setting may seem like home. 

7. Mercury trine Mercury

 Mercury supports them and encourages them to be diplomatic when they disagree. Mercury aligns their goals. When positive, Mercury strives to help and ease.

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