10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Border collie

The breed is clever and skilled at connecting with people, so it's not surprising that many can obtain what they want from their owners.


French dog breeds like the poodle are considered high-maintenance. Curly hair won't style itself. But don't believe they're less smart.

German shepherd

Coren ranks the German shepherd as the second-smartest herding dog and third-smartest dog overall.

Golden retriever

Dog intelligence goes beyond brainpower. Golden retrievers are fourth because they "comply with orders or chores required of them by their masters," according to Cline.


The AKC-described courageous, loyal, and alert Doberman pinscher was produced by a German tax collector who had time and desire to breed the ultimate canine protector.

Doberman pinscher

Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdogs can herd like larger dogs on less food. That's why they're called "collie's small cousin."

Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever is a descendent of the St. John Dog and the Newfoundland, developed by 16th-century Newfoundland inhabitants.


The papillon, named after the French term for "butterfly" and its winglike ears, was formerly a noble companion.


The Romans employed rottweilers to herd animals. Coren puts the rottweiler tenth in intelligence, making it one of the smartest and largest canines.

Australian cattle dog

Australia's beef sector is frequently linked to these little yet powerful canines, who were naturally developed to herd cattle.

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