10 Common Dog Training Errors

Delaying Training

Puppy training should start at home. Don't age him. Dog teaching isn't attitude control. Dog training trains your dog to respond to specific terms.

Not Training Enough

Even after he learns an action or cue, train your pup routinely for best results. One item at a time, two to three times a week, effective training sessions.


All dog training requires consistent reactions. Inconsistent teaching confuses dogs. You may unknowingly reinforce undesirable behaviours.


Dogs learn at varying speeds, so training takes time. Don't worry if your pup doesn't understand. This will only make your pup more stressed and angry.


Harsh Discipline

Modern dog trainers agree that discipline is ineffective. Positive dog training tends to motivate pets. Mild aversives like a spray bottle or coin can can be useful and harmless.

Timing Mistake

You must communicate with your pup to let him know he did well. Positive feedback and timing help. To reinforce the clicker or word, instantly give a prize.

Reinforcing Misbehavior

Reinforcing unwanted behaviours is a common dog training error. It may not seem lucrative or reinforcing.

Asking Dog Displeasure

Would you go to someone if you knew you'd be hissed or otherwise mistreated? When you ask your pup to do something unpleasant, you are punishing him for coming.

Failing to Proof Behaviors

Diversifying an action proves it. Many dog teachers skip this vital step. Your dog only knows "put my bottom on the ground in the living room".

"One-Size-Fits-All" Method

Don't stop after reading one dog training book. Talk to a dog-savvy buddy. Many dog teaching methods work, but no two pets are the same. 

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